The Giraffes Neck

The French movie, „The giraffes neck“ is a road movie, a family story, and proof that vindication is possible. Little 9-year old Mathilde has discovered a stack of well-hidden letters in her grand-father`s attic. So far, Mathilde had been told that her grand-mother had been dead for years. The movie has recently been shown on HULU.

Now that Mathilde realises that this is a lie, she is determined to find her grand-mother whom she has always somehow missed. It was her own mother, Hélène, who had told her the story of grandma Madeleine being dead. So, the whole story goes up in flames and Mathilde does not accept any more lies. In the night, she leaves home to see her grand-father, Paul, who lives in an old people´s home.

She wants him to help her find his ex-wife, her grandma, and the place to go is where she left him 30 years ago: Biarritz. Mathilde is excited about the prospect, but, if things do not work out the way she expects them to, she claims that „at least we have been to the seaside“. So, Paul has no choice but to confront himself with his former loss, his hurt pride, and everything that is connected with it, if he wants to help his grand-daughter.

Yet, who is the most affected by this dramatic turn of events is Mathilde`s mother, Hélène, since she was just that same age as Mathilde, when her mother disappeared leaving both her husband and her daughter – for good, as it turned out later.